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Turntable Shot Blast Machine

This turntable shot blast machine is used for cleaning and strengthening the surface of both structural steel and castings. It is more suitable for removing rust and scale from the surface of steel billets of high thickness. Our product is widely applied in such industries as casting, forging, machinery, iron and steel, among others.

1. Structure
This product is a turntable shot blast machine with simple and compact structure. It is mainly composed of the chamber, turntable, auger conveyor, separator, elevator, impeller head, dust removal system, and other parts. At the top of the chamber, there are two fast-rotating impeller heads. The impeller head allows the abrasive shot material to be rapidly propelled, and then hit the workpiece rotating on the turntable. When rotating out of the chamber, the workpiece has been obviously cleaned, and simultaneously it is replaced by the new workpiece.

2. Working Principle
Inside the turntable shot blast machine, the rotating turntable will force the abrasive shot material to rotate. With the help of the auger conveyor, the sand mixture will be sent to the lower part of the elevator. Then, it will be lifted by the elevator to the separator. The separated shot material will be stored in the hopper of the separator. It will continue working for the impeller head, after passing through the pipe and the baffle plate.

3. Transmission Mechanism
The speed reducer of our turntable shot blast machine will put the friction wheel in motion. Through a clutch system, the turntable will be forced to stably rotate. After the workpiece rotates out of the chamber, the transmission system can be used for directly turning and regulating the workpiece being not cleaned. Also, it can pull the clutch handle to separate the friction wheel from the turntable, in accordance with different types of cleaned workpieces as well as the difficulty of loading, unloading and turning work. In other words, the turntable will stop rotating. It will begin to rotate again, after the workpiece has been adjusted and the position of handle has been changed.

Technical Parameters of Q35 Series
Model Q3512 Q3525
Sized of Cleaned Workpiece (mm) 600×250×250 1000×500×250
Max. Weight of Workpiece (kg) 400 100
Blasting Capacity (kg/min) 200 2×250
Lifting Capacity of Elevator (t/h) 15 30
Separation Capacity of Separator (t/h) 350 150
Ventilation Volume (3/h ) 2400 6200
Power (except for dust removal) (kW) 17.3 35.2
External Dimension (mm) 1500×3450×3760 2200×3500×4300
Technical Parameters of Q36 Series
Model Q365c Q3610 Q3620
Size of Cleaned Workpiece (mm) 2500×1300 2500×1500×280 4000×3000×700
Max. Weight of Workpiece (kg) 500 1000 2000
Blasting Capacity (kg/min) 2×250 4×250 4×250
Lifting Capacity of Elevator (t/h) 40 60 75
Separation Capacity of Separator (t/h) 40 60 75
Ventilation Volume (m3/h ) 13200 24000 21000
Power (except for dust removal) (kW) 39.2 188.45 185.25
External Dimension (mm) 9000×4200×9290 14900×500×1700 16900×6540×10020
Technical Parameters of Q76 Series
Model Q765c Q7610 Q7620 Q7630
Size of Cleaned Workpiece (mm) 2000×1000 2500×1500×280 4000×3000×700 4000×2000
Max. Weight of Workpiece (kg) 5000 10000 20000 30000
Blasting Capacity (kg/min) 2×250 3×250 4×250 4×250
Lifting Capacity of Elevator (t/h) 30 45 60 60
Separation Capacity of Separator (t/h) 30 45 60 60
Ventilation Volume (3/h ) 11000 15000 21500 21500
Power (except for dust removal) (kW) 35.8 188.45 183.35 83.2
External Dimension (mm) 9000×5200×9290 14900×5200×6100 16900×6540×10028 9151×7680×10874

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