Bus Spray Booth

The bus spray booth is always the product we are proud of. This series product is perfect for the operation of the buses of varying length. Meanwhile, it is suitable for the repair and fabrication of various large-sized transportation facilities, such as trains, vans, heavy-duty trucks, and much more.

Our ultra high technical strength provides the design and manufacturing of this series product with a powerful guarantee. Also, we offer a technical design to help our clients install the equipment on basis of the site conditions and environmental requirements. This fully guaranteed bus spray booth is practical, economical, safe and energy-saving.

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    1. BZB-FB-900 9m Bus Spray BoothThis BZB-FB-900 9m bus spray booth can be suited for the sheet metal painting and maintaining of diversified transportation facilities, such as the small-sized vans, and the minibus of 7m long with at most 12 seats, among others.
    1. BZB-FB-1200 12m Bus Spray BoothThe wallboard is composed of the EPS insulation board of 70mm thick and the colorful steel plate of 0.426mm thick. The wall panel of the chamber is coordinated with the steel column and the composite beam.
    1. BZB-FB-1500H 15m Bus Spray BoothThis BZB-FB-1500H 15m bus spray booth is specially designed to take the needs of high-end customers into account. It plays a vital role in the repair and production of such transport facilities as the large-sized trucks, the large bus of 12m long, and much more.
    1. BZB-FB-1500M 15m Bus Spray BoothOur BZB-FB-1500M 15m bus spray booth is supplied to meet the actual needs of ordinary clients. It is desirable for the maintaining and manufacturing of different transportation facilities, such as the vans, the large-sized bus of 12m long, and much more.
    1. BZB-FB-1500L 15m Bus Spray BoothThis BZB-FB-1500L 15m bus spray booth is designed to be economical and practical. It plays a part in the repair and fabrication of assorted transportation tools, such as vans, the large-sized bus of 12m long, and some others.
    1. BZB-FB-1800 18m Bus Spray BoothOur 18m bus spray booth adopts Philips light tubes, all of which are equipped with the renowned-brand electronic ballast. These light tubes can offer a much more stable performance than the previously used electronic lamps.
    1. BZB-FB-2000 20m Bus Spray BoothThis bus spray booth can be applied in the repair and manufacturing of diverse transportation tools, including trains, large-sized trucks, non-standard large workpieces, and the large bus of 18m long, among others. While designing this product, we take the needs of high-end clients into consideration.
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