• Spray Area Dimension 7100/6654(L) * 4000(W) * 2400(H)mm(extended)
  • Outer Dimension10800(L) * 2438(W) * 3400(H)mm(retracted)
  • Outer Dimension10800(L) * 4202(W) * 3400(H)mm(extended)
  • Power 415V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
  • Total power 16.5kW
  • Air inlet Chamber
  • Air inlet Chamber

    The intake filter is added to remove particulates from the incoming air, two layer of filter is applied, top layer adopts cotton structure, bottom layer adopts grid structure.

    Air Supply and Exhaust System
    • The system consists of the white rock wool-coated profiles and movable board (notes: the filter should be changed and checked regularly)
    • Air supply: centrifugal fans DDF-7.5KW, driving the ABB motor directly, 415V/50HZ/3PH
    • Air exhaust: TAE-500-7.5KW, driving the ABB motor by belt,415V/50HZ/3PH
    • Generator: rear mounted
  • Basement
  • Basement
    • Two floor galvanized gratings, and three floor checkered plates(sprayed)
    • The bottom is sealed, welded with the platform bracket
    • With 2 pieces of slope for loading(sprayed), 2000×900(L×W)
    • Use constant-temperature checkered plates for back floor
  • Outer Frame
  • Outer Frame

    Welding structure of square pipe, I-beam, channel steel, bending parts, corrugated plate, etc.

  • Purification System
  • Purification System
    • Top layer filter: Flame retardant 600G
    • Floor layer filter: made from fiber glass(green)
    • Air outlet filter: M-type filter cotton, no filter cover
  • Heating System
  • Heating System

    The G20 type burner gives a maximum heating value of 180,000kcal/kg with SUS304 high-quality stainless steel, with 4 exhaust ducts and rain cap.

    1. Chamber System
    2. Composed of 2 pieces of 50mm thick flame-resistant EPS insulation board(2200×2500mm) and 6mm tempered glass observation window(1150×550mm)
    1. Blasting safety Chamber
    2. Composed of 50mm thick EPS wall panel on each side, with pressure lock and observation window.
    1. Maintenance Chamber
    2. Composed of 2 pieces of 50mm EPS insulation wallboard(2200×2600mm), with pressure lock and vents
    1. Air Supply and Exhaust Duct
    2. With enough transfer duct + 2 additional air inlets + rain cap + 4 air exhaust ducts + gravity damper
    1. Sealing
    2. 1. Welded with outer two-sided corrugated plate and EPS50mm thick flame-resistant insulation board
      2. Single-sided corrugated plate is used in the non-ventilated part
    1. Telescopic Guide Rail
    2. Can be operated manually by 2 workers
    1. Illumination System
    2. Australian-Standard with 8 side lights
    1. Electric Control System
    2. Australian-Standard electric control system, with star-delta starter and pressure gauge