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Automotive Rain Testing Room

1. This automotive rain testing room is basically used to test the rain impermeability and rain-resistant performance of vehicles, when being exposed to the rain.
2. It is desirable for testing the water tightness of both side window and skylight of the vehicle. Its testing environment is similar to the natural state outside. Waterproof silicone is applied to the position where the rain permeability may occur.

Design Consideration
1. Equipment Function
2. Rain Resistance
3. Power Supply
4. Injection Pressure of Nozzle
5. Pressure Gauge
6. Flow Meter
7. Continuous Water-Spray Time
8. Operating Time Control
9. Capacity of Water Tank

Design Philosophy
1. We insist on the principle of making an advanced, reliable, economical and practical automotive rain testing room. In addition, we take the characteristic of our product into adequate consideration, and actively put to use the state-of-the-art technique and equipment. The ability of testing the water tightness of workpieces is greatly improved, which allows the index to meet the prescribed technical requirements. Then, the market competitiveness of our product is significantly enhanced.

2. Reasonable layout is a must during the design process. The logistics must be smooth. Moreover, we focus on the energy saving measures of our equipment, and the energy is rationally used.

3. We carry out the national policies and regulations in relation to such aspects as environmental protection, as well as the safety and hygiene of labor. The whole project reaches both "three wastes" emission standard and industrial hygiene standard regulated by the state.

4. Both equipment and raw materials are purchased in China, which is economical, rational, advanced and reliable.

A Description of the Technique
1. For testing the rain tightness of the car window, this automotive rain testing room is guaranteed to spray water from the side and top of the car window. No dead corner will occur during the water spraying process, and the water-spraying pressure is pledged. For each part of the vehicle, the flow rate can reach the international standard.

2. Meanwhile, the water filter system is utilized to filter the circulating water. By eliminating the sand and other impurities, it can meet the needs of the circulating water.

3. The framework of the automotive rain testing room is not only resistant to rust and shock, but also features concise, gorgeous appearance. The entire equipment is simple to be operated, thus providing convenience for repairing and maintaining the spare parts.

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