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Chain Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Our chain conveyor shot blasting machine is conducive to the surface treatment of iron castings, steel castings, forged pieces, and pressed parts. Also, it is fit for removing rust from the surface of liquefied gas bottles. In particular, it is propitious to clean the forgings and castings, so as to eliminate the sticky sand, rust, scale, dirt and some others on the surface of workpieces. Then, the workpiece is provided with a metallic luster surface.

This product can not only eliminate the internal stress of workpieces and improve their resistance to fatigue, but also strengthen the adhesive force of paint protection film on the workpiece. It will ultimately reach the goal of improving the workpiece surface and inherent quality.

Furthermore, the chain conveyor shot blasting machine is able to enhance the corrosion resistance of both mechanical products and metal profiles. It also improves the fatigue resistance of steel products and extend their service life. Beyond that, it can optimize the surface states of steel products, so as to achieve the goal of cleaning thoroughly. This series product can offer such advantages as superb continuity, high cleaning efficiency, and much more. It can be used as part of an assembly line.

Technical Parameters
Model Size of Cleaned Workpiece
Blasting Capacity
Q383 Φ600×1400 5 × 250
Q384 Φ800×1500 6 × 250
Q483 Φ900×1400 2 × 250
Q485 Φ1000×1500 4 × 250

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