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Belt Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

This 15GN-7M belt conveyor shot blasting machine is utilized to remove the sticky sand, rust, scales, burr and some others from the surface of castings, forgings, stamped parts, and other easily tumbled workpieces, non-brittle spare parts, as well as the castings the core of which is not deep. It comes with a metal crawler and an automatic feeding system.

Our product is commonly used in machine tools plants, automobile factories, spring factories, heat treatment workshops, foundries, and stamping workshops.

Technical Parameters
Production Capacity (T/h) 5-8
Processing Capacity (kg) 1362
Max. Weight of One Workpiece (kg) 230
Diameter of Roller (mm) 1092
Effective Volume (m3) 0.45
Blasting Capacity (kg/min) 480
Dedusting Air Volume (m3/h) 7000
Power Dissipation (kW) 47
External Dimension (mm) 45978×3262×5709

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Automotive Sandblasting Equipment | Metal Surface Finishing Machine | Steel Shot Abrasive Blast Machine

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