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Car Spray Booth

Our BZB-8600 car spray booth serves as a luxurious type product in our company. By adoption of high-grade configurations, it is quite safe and friendly to environment. This product is mostly used in the premium-brand car 4S shops and high-class repair factories. While designing the details of our product, we take fully into account the actual needs of discerning customers.

1. The polystyrene insulation board is 70mm thick. It offers superb heat preservation, high strength, as well as long service life.

2. The platform of 300m high is ideal for uneven grounds. It can be adjusted in accordance with the actual situations.

3. The ramp of our car spray booth is designed with nice appearance. It gives convenience for the entry of the vehicles of distinct wheelbase sizes.

4. The exhaust fan is a 7.5kW turbo type blower. The motor is placed outside with explosion suppression function. Both air inlet and outlet are designed with the manually adjustable damper, for freely adjusting the quantity of supply and exhaust air, as well as the positive and negative pressure.

5. The air inlet is configured with T-shaped protective cover, which can effectively prevent dust from entering. Then, the air inlet will not be unnecessarily blocked, and the high-efficiency operation of the machine will not be affected.

6. This exhaust duct is added with 2 automatic gravity-type air valves. The air port utilizes the protective cap, which can guard against rain, and also prevent the rain from entering the spray booth along the exhaust duct.

7. The exhaust fan set comes with the heat recovery system, which is pretty energy-saving and eco-friendly.

8. The furnace of our car spray booth adopts the pressure relief device for safe operation.

9. A 20N electric actuator is configured for getting extremely strong power.

10. 32 pieces of 20W side lights are utilized to increase the intensity of illumination to 1000Lux. There is no ghosting during the paint spraying process.

11. The service door is installed with an automatic door closer.

12. The electric cabinet of our car spray booth adopts the fully sealed wiring, which is safe and reliable. Simultaneously, it integrates the cable trunk with the spray booth, which allows the overall appearance to be quite gorgeous.

Configuration Table
Outside dimension Inside dimension Front door dimension Working door dimension
7000*5560*3430mm(L*W*H) 6900*4000*2650mm(L*W*H) 3000*2600mm(W*H) 650*1800mm(W*H)
Chamber System 1. The chamber of our car spray booth features assembly structure. The wall panel is the polystyrene insulation board with fire resistance. Its thickness is 70mm.
2. The folded edge of the door is constructed from aluminum alloy. Four sides of the chamber is decorated with the aluminum alloy framework.
3. At the top of our car spray booth, the folded edge is made of the compression-molded steel plate sprayed with powder.
4. The platform of 300mm is formed by premium-quality galvanized steel plate and high-strength structural steel. Moreover, it is covered with the galvanized grille, and also comes with the ramp.
Air Supply and Exhaust System 1. For better matching the water-based paint line, the top of the internal chamber is designed with 36 adjustable, high-speed nozzles in 2 rows.
2. Two 1.5kW centrifugal fans work independently to supply air. One fan refers to the YDW-5.6B supply blower with the air capacity of 23,450m3/h and the power of 9kW. The other fan is the DDF-630B turbo type high-pressure exhaust blower with the air capacity of 22,000m3/h and the power of 7.5kW.
3. The framework of the fan cabin is formed by aluminum alloy profiles, and the faceplate refers to the powder coated steel plate.
4. The air is supplied from the back. Both air inlet and outlet are designed with the manually adjustable air vent.
4. The exhaust duct is composed of the high-quality galvanized steel sheets and professionally manufactured flanges.
5. This car spray booth gives the air velocity of 0.45m/s, and the air change ratio reaches 400 times per hour.
Air Purification System 1. The intake-air primary filter is the exceptional-quality filter screen. It can effectively grab the particles with the diameter of over 10μm.
2. Our car spray booth utilizes the Italian-made filter screen as its high-efficiency top filter. It can take hold of the dust particles with the diameter of more than 4μm.
3. The floor filter adopts the glass fiber cotton imported from Italy. The TSP value is at most 1.2mg/m3.
Heating System 1. The burner of our car spray booth belongs to the Italian RIELLO brand G20 type product. Its maximum heating value is 180,000kcal/kg.
2. By utilizing the argon-arc welding technology, the high-quality SUS304 stainless steel is made to form the heat exchanger.
3. Imported from Switzerland, the 20N electric actuator or pneumatic cylinder actuator can realize the automatic changeover of spraying and curing.
4. The maximum temperature reaches 80℃, and the heating rate is 6 to 8min at a temperature range from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The rate of oil consumption varies from 6 to 8 kg/h/unit.
5. The heat recovery system makes the whole equipment pretty energy-saving.
6. Inside the chamber, there are two 0.18kW internal-circulation dryers.
Lighting System 1. Lighting sets of the car spray booth are mounted on both sides of the wall, or on the side at the top of the chamber.
2. The lighting set on the side of the ceiling is installed with a 45-degree angle. It is composed of 32pcs 36W Philips tubes and electronic ballast.
3. The lighting set on both sides of the wall consists of 32pcs 20W Philips lamps and electronic ballast.
4. While being installed inside the wallboard, these two lighting sets are parallel to each other. The light intensity inside the chamber reaches over 1100Lux.
5. The ceiling mounted light box is separated from the plenum chamber in use of a shield plate, so as to increase the supply air volume of the plenum chamber.
6. Simultaneously, the oblique section of both left and right light boxes is equipped with 36 air nozzles.
7. The air is sent to the light-box separation chamber in use of two 1.5kW fans on both left and right sides of the ceiling. Accordingly, the airflow at the dead corner of bottom of the light box can be increased.
8. On the back of the chamber, there are two 0.18kW circulation dryers.
Electric Control System 1. This system is controlled by a microcomputer program. A gentle touch on the buttons is all that is needed to change any setting. The system can automatically display the entire working process and fault conditions.
2. Moreover, this car spray booth comes with the lighting switch, temperature and time settings, normal-temperature or constant-temperature spraying, curing switch, emergency stop switch, failure alarm, timer and counter, among others.
Exhaust Gas Treatment The activated carbon is adopted to filter the exhaust gas. The exhaust emissions can reach the GB16297-1996 national standard. (in compliance with the integrated emission standard of air pollutants)
Others 1. The closed type oil tank and tool cabinet is able to store paint and tools.
2. The track frame of our car spray booth is formed by high-quality steel, which offers convenience for spraying small parts.
3. The back wall of the chamber is equipped with a gas-pipe box, where there are the pipe joints, an air compressor barometer, as well as a pressure regulating valve.

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