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Car Lift (Hydraulic Two Post Lift, Model G232B)

1. The G232B car lift is manufactured with 2 posts.
2. Installed with chain type lifting system, the automotive lifting device is driven by two hydraulic cylinders.
3. Thanks to the steel wire rope balancing system of the hydraulic car lifting equipment, the car lifting can be carried out smoothly.
4. Multiple power supply available for convenient use.
5. Our car lift is engineered with manual unlocking devices.
6. The asymmetric design make it possible for the user to open the car door even distance between the posts is small.
7. The motor of the hydraulic two post lift has cast iron housing for high reliability. The aluminum motor is optional.
8. Imported pumping device can be adopted if required by customers.

Technical Parameters of Car Lift
Lifting capacity 7714lb/3500kg
Lifting height 71"/1800mm
Lifting time 50 seconds
Overall height 111"/2816mm
Overall width 138"/3500mm
Width between posts 110"/2800mm
Motor voltage 220V or 380V
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Phase 1-phase or 3-phase
Net weight 1417lb/643kg
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