Infrared Lamp Heater of Spray Booth

The infrared lamp heater of spray booth is widely applicable for the industrial heating or drying process. For instance, it is suitable for the surface heating, drying, and solidifying process in diversified industries, including automobile, plastic, printing, glass, textile, food, metal parts, circuit-board encapsulation, photographic film, and electronics, among others. The transparent or translucent quartz glass is used as the casing of the light tube, which can produce the near-infrared or far-infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. It is spread at the speed of light, and carries ultra high energy. Under condition of the same power but different models, both radiation intensity and wavelength of the infrared radiation vary with the strength.

This infrared lamp heater of spray booth is fit for the medium and low temperature of drying process at the ambient temperature of at most 80 degrees Celsius.

Features and Merits
1. The long-wave infrared radiation is also called far infrared radiation. It is characterized by high heating rate, uniform heating, and low thermal inertia. It only takes 1-3 minutes to reach the constant temperature of components. In addition, the efficiency of converting radiation into electric energy reaches up to 60%-75%. Other striking advantages include energy conservation, long service life, and no crack.

2. The short-wave infrared radiation is also known as near-infrared radiation. Only 1-3 seconds are required for cooling or heating, which allows the heating process to be pretty flexible. The gold coated reflecting layer with single tube or dual tube features high efficiency and durability. It can realize the radiation efficiency of over 96%. Its service life is usually more than 10,000 hours, thus being ultra long.

3. There is no need to externally spray the infrared heating pipe with paint, or add any infill. This infrared lamp heater of spray booth can offer such advantages as stable radiation rate, great chemical stability, low thermal inertia, long service life, high thermal conversion efficiency, extremely strong resistance to corrosion, as well as no color fading, no harmful radiation, no deformation at high temperature, and no pollution to environment.

4. With strong penetrating power, the infrared lamp heater of spray booth allows the object to be heated internally and externally. No heat-transfer medium is needed, and the partial heating is available. Thus, great energy can be saved. Simultaneously, this machine can provide a comfortable operating environment, as well as a clean heating process.

5. Owing to low thermal inertia, the infrared lamp heater of spray booth is designed without warm-up system. Therefore, the manpower can be saved, and the temperature can be controlled easily. In addition, the temperature is increased rapidly, and a safe operation is offered.

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