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Banding Steel Shot Blasting Machine

This banding steel shot blasting machine can be used individually or as part of an assembly line. At first, steel strips are uncoiled manually. Next, they will be clamped and fed to pass through the shot blasting chamber, and then made coiled.

In use of the high-efficiency cantilever centrifugal type impeller head, the abrasive shot material can be fast thrown to the surface of workpieces. After being hit and scraped, the rust, scale, and other contaminants on the surface of workpieces can be eliminated. Then, a brush is used for further cleaning.

A high-pressure blowpipe serves to sweep the floating layer off the surface of workpieces. This can not only improve the anti-corrosion and anti-fatigue performance of steel strips, but also extend the service life and optimize the surface quality of steel strips.

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