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Alignment Lift (Scissor Lift, Model GQJ350A)

1. The alignment lift adopts wide platforms with good synchronism.
2. The levelness of the scissor lift can be adjusted to meet diversified customer demands for wheel alignment.
3. Relying on the imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, the wheel alignment tool has high stability and reliability.
4. The pneumatic double-gear self-locking system and the anti-explosion pipe structure offer full protection to the alignment lift during lowering.
5. Thanks to the sliding system and the compact structure of the car maintenance equipment, this product can be used directly without troublesome pit digging.
6. Guide rail for secondary lifting. The secondary lifting trolley is optional.
7. For application on various automobiles, the position of the turnplate (optional) for the front wheel can be adjustable.

Technical Parameters of Alignment Lift
Lifting capacity 7714lb/3500kg
Lifting height 79"/2000mm
Secondary lifting height 20"/500mm
Min. height 13"/330mm
Overall length 165"/4200mm
Platform width 24"/620mm
Width between two platforms 32"/800mm
Air source pressure 5-6kg/cm2
Lifting time for large scissor 30 seconds
Lifting time for jack 20 seconds
Motor voltage 220V or 380V
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Phase 1-phase or 3-phase
Net weight 3760lb/1706kg
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