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Car Lift (Scissor Lift, Model GQZJ300B)

Scientifically designed, the car lift is particularly developed for lifting, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing various kinds of cars and other small vehicles.

Selling Points
1. The scissor lift is equipped with hydraulic pump imported from Italy. The special structure makes for small land occupation.
2. The self-locking system and the hydraulic system will start working automatically, providing dual protection to the device.
3. Safe and reliable, the car lift runs synchronously and smoothly, making tiring changing and chassis maintenance time-saving.
4. Supporting in-ground installation, the hydraulic car lift is constructed with protection device to eliminate foot injury.
5. Conforming to CE standard, the car lift comes with 24V electric control box and 24V limit switch.
6. Standard components: pneumatic lock, explosion-proof valve, and ball valve imported from Italy.
7. Track extension device is optional.

Technical Parameters
Lifting capacity 6612lb/3000kg
Lifting height 79"/2000mm
Min. height 13"/340mm
Platform length 60"/1530mm
Extensible length 9"/216mm
Platform width 22"/550mm
Motor voltage 220V or 380V
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Phase 1-phase or 3-phase
Lifting time 40 seconds
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