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Bus Painting Line in North Neoplan Company
Painting Process: Transferring workpieces into coating workshop → Spraying anti-corrosive primer → Primer drying → Applying the first layer of putty → First layer of putty drying → Applying the second layer of putty → Second layer of putty drying → Paint spraying of middle coating → Middle coating drying → Putty filling → Surface finish painting ...

Automotive Sheet Metal Spray Line in Beijing FAW Group
As a China-based leading enterprise of sheet metal painting technology, our company has employed numerous engineers who are devoted to the design of sheet metal painting line. The following picture describes the sheet metal painting line that is customized and designed for Beijing Vehicle No.1 Factory.

Automotive Spray Booth in Canada
We have designed plenty of machines, for allowing the equipment purchased in China to reach the standard of different countries, including Europe, Poland, Australia, USA, Central Asia, Africa, and Japan. Customers are pretty satisfied with our manufactured goods.

Large Size Bus Spray Booth in Peru
Our professional design team can offer considerate services. Also, we suggest equipping a three-dimensional workbench, thus providing convenience for indoor operation. If required, our company will dispatch a specialized installation team to arrive in Peru for the installation of our products.

Bulldozer Painting Line in Tianjing Yishan Company
Firstly, we are required to accomplish the task of painting 6,000 bulldozers each year. Moreover, we provide both dimension and site drawings.
Secondly, our designers can arrive on site for observing the process defect and site location. Then, the suitable coating line can be custom-made. The design process is described as follows.

Large Spray Booth in India Suzlon Company
Our company has taken responsibility for making a large-sized spray booth for India Suzlon Company. Considering the heavy workpieces on basis of their specifications provided by Suzlon Company, our company has offered professional solutions. Firstly, a crane is installed inside the spray booth, for the purpose of hoisting workpieces. Secondly, we adopt the power-driven trolley to carry the workpieces out of the spray booth.

Other Project
Vehicle Paint Spray Equipment ...

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