Fin Heater of Spray Booth

The fin heater of spray booth adopts a variety of materials including high-quality stainless steel, modified protactinium oxide powder, high-resistance electro-thermal alloy wire, stainless steel cooling fin, and some others. It is made in use of advanced production equipment and technique.

This series product can be installed in the supply cabinet or other heating places with static or flowing air. It is desirable for the medium and high temperature of drying process at the temperature of at most 250 degrees Celsius.

1. The fin heater of spray booth refers to the ordinary component, the surface of which is wound with metal cooling fins. Its heat transfer area is treble or quadruple as much as that of the ordinary component. In other words, the surface loading allowed by the finned component is 3 or 4 times as much as the surface loading allowed by the ordinary component.

The component is shortened, which allows its heat loss to be reduced. Under condition of the same power, a great number of advantages can be provided, such as fast heat-up speed, uniform heating effect, wonderful heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency, long lifespan, low cost, and the small size of heating equipment, among others.

2. By utilizing its fins wound on the surface of the heating tube, the fin heater of spray booth gives the function of dispersing heat. It can be applied in drying oven or drying tunnel. Air is often used as the heating medium.

3. This device is resistant to both rust and high temperature. Additionally, it is eco-friendly and energy-saving.

4. Thanks to the structural characteristic, the electric-heating metal tube can offer numerous unsurpassable advantages in comparison with other forms of electric-heating elements. For instance, it features simple structure, great material reduction, low cost, long lifespan, high mechanical strength, and high thermal efficiency. Meanwhile, it possesses high safety, portable use, convenient disassembling, and wide applications. It can be bent into various shapes. At present, this device has been well received in the equipment coating industry.

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