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Sand Blasting Room

This sand blasting room can be customized in accordance with various requirements.

Key Features
During the sand blasting process, the operator needs to stay in the room. The protective clothing and helmet can protect the operator from being attacked by abrasive materials. With the help of the helmet, a ventilation device can provide the operator with fresh air.

1. Our product is mostly used for processing large-sized spare parts. Optionally, an automatic sanding apparatus is used to process those extremely expensive spare parts.

2. Installed in this room, the nozzle manipulator can be utilized for the automatic sandblasting of the surface of spare parts. Some special areas can be sandblasted manually. In this way, our product can not only maintain high flexibility, but also reduce the demands for the quantity of sandblasting operators.

1. Mechanical Conveyance Type
The mechanical conveyance type sand blasting room is also known as the flatcar reciprocating type dedicated blasting machine. It is composed of the blasting chamber, ejector, spiral conveyor, elevator, separator, sand control system, lighting system, dust removal system, flatcar, electric control system, and some others.

2. Gas Recovery Type
The gas recovery type sand blasting room mainly consists of the chamber, sandblasting system, abrasive recovery system, ventilation and dust removal system, abrasive sorting system, and electric control system.

Related Names
Sandblast Enclosure | Abrasive Blasting Room | Bead Blast Booth

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