1. BZB-8400 Car Spray BoothOur product is considered as the most ideal model for the auto repair shops of our customers from home and abroad. It is usually applicable for both car repair factories and common car 4S shops in those countries or regions where the environmental protection is demanded.
    1. BZB-8400T Car Spray Booth (Poland Standard)This BZB-8400T car spray booth is made on basis of Poland standard. By adoption of the medium-end configurations, it gives high safety and environmental protection. Our product can be applied in common 4S shops and car repair factories, demanding for environmental protection.
    1. BZB-FB-1500H 15m Bus Spray BoothThis BZB-FB-1500H 15m bus spray booth is specially designed to take the needs of high-end customers into account. It plays a vital role in the repair and production of such transport facilities as the large-sized trucks, the large bus of 12m long, and much more.
    1. 6300 Prep StationThe YDW series double-inlet centrifugal fan is made in use of Siemens technology. This fan is formed of compression molded galvanized plate. It has such striking advantages as great air quantity, low noise, and high temperature resistance. Additionally, it is made by a fan specialist.
    1. Paint Mixing Room The hole is punched on the ceiling panel for discharging air. This system is equipped with one set of axial fan with the power of 0.55kW for exhausting air. Meanwhile, the square tube is adopted.

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