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Specialize in the Engineering, Manufacture of
Industrial Spray Paint and Finishing Systems

The streamlined exterior of an automobile often determines the favorability of its first impression. A flawless paintjob is the industry prerequisite for success. As a China-based manufacturer, JINGZHONGJING specializes in the design, production, distribution, and installation of painting equipment for automotive applications. Incorporated in 1999, our company has since distributed more than 12,000 sets of coating machines worldwide. We have export destinations in regions including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Oceania, etc. Consistent quality and considerate after-sales service have garnered us the praise of customers everywhere. Our installation experts are always on standby to provide speedy solutions for overseas clientele.

The only spray booth manufacturer since 1999
Guangdong Jingzhongjing Industrial Painting Equipment Co., Ltd.
Leading The Industry in Paint Booth and Finishing System Technology

During this period, our company was affected by the industrial workshops, fund, equipment, and employees. For this reason, our annual production capacity was approximately 720 machines, and our products were only sold to the domestic market. At that time, our product quality, technical content, and production capacity were relatively low.

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