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Our car spray booth primarily serves the customers within the automobile manufacturing and maintenance industry. Based on the local energy costs and environmental requirements, users can select various heating methods, such as steam type, radiator type, diesel fuel type, combustion gas type, electric-heating finned tube type, as well as the infrared paint curing lamp type.

Here customers will find a proper solution and satisfactory service. We choose the superior-quality raw materials, high-tech stand alone machines and process components. The intelligent control system can simplify the whole operation, and the self-diagnostic control system provides much convenience for maintenance and troubleshooting. Then, the production efficiency can be maximized. In addition, the high-grade shadeless illumination can optimize the visibility. The indirectly heating and circulating of warm air can give a safe and comfortable working environment.

Our car spray booth is designed to be safe, energy-saving, eco-friendly, practical and economical. We are willing to communicate with our clients and also offer help, whether they like a standardized solution or a single solution.

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Automotive Paint Booths | Auto Painting Equipment | Industrial Paint Coating System

    1. BZB-8000 Car Spray Booth It can be used for spraying and curing, thus being economical and practical. This product is able to meet all primary needs of our customers. Based on it, our company has also developed diversified new products to cater for the requirements of different clients.
    1. BZB-8100 Car Spray BoothOur BZB-8100 car spray booth is economical and practical, which serves as a fundamental product for both spraying and curing. It can satisfy all primary needs of our clientele. In addition, our company has developed other new products upon request.
    1. BZB-8200 Car Spray BoothIts raw materials are carefully selected. With ISO 9000 certification, the product is perfect in workmanship. It makes use of an intelligent control system, accompanied with multiple protective functions, such as failure alarm, counter and timer.
    1. BZB-8300 Car Spray BoothIt requires relatively low equipment investment and operating cost, thus being quite popular among a large number of users. This product is generally suitable for the car repair factories in different countries or regions where the environmental protection is not highly demanded.
    1. BZB-8400 Car Spray BoothOur product is considered as the most ideal model for the auto repair shops of our customers from home and abroad. It is usually applicable for both car repair factories and common car 4S shops in those countries or regions where the environmental protection is demanded.
    1. BZB-8500 Car Spray BoothThis BZB-8500 car spray booth is designed to cater for the actual needs of customers from all walks of life. It is appropriate for the vehicle repair factories and common car 4S shops within the countries and regions in demand for environmental protection.
    1. BZB-8600 Car Spray BoothBy adoption of high-grade configurations, it is quite safe and friendly to environment. This product is mostly used in the premium-brand car 4S shops and high-class repair factories. While designing the details of our product, we take fully into account the actual needs of discerning customers.
    1. BZB-8700 Car Spray BoothIt is safe and eco-friendly, due to the adoption of high-class configurations. As our luxurious type product, this product is basically applicable for the high-end brand car 4S shops and high-level repair factories.
    1. BZB-8200C Car Spray Booth (Poland Standard)It is safe and eco-friendly, which is ideal for the car repair factories and common car 4S shops where environmental protection is required. Considering the actual needs of our clientele, this product is designed with many unique details.
    1. BZB-8400T Car Spray Booth (Poland Standard)This BZB-8400T car spray booth is made on basis of Poland standard. By adoption of the medium-end configurations, it gives high safety and environmental protection. Our product can be applied in common 4S shops and car repair factories, demanding for environmental protection.
    1. BZB-T8000AU Car Spray Booth (Australia Standard)Our car spray booth is configured with an oil tank with its volume of 50L. It also comes with the transparent oil-quantity display device and fuel-oil filter, which gives much convenience for observing the quantity of diesel oil at any time.
    1. BZB-T8000EU Car Spray Booth (European Standard) Due to the adoption of high-end configurations, it is pretty safe and friendly to environment. As a luxurious type product of our company, this product is mainly applied in high-end brand car 4S shops and high-level repair factories.
    1. BZB-8000EUN Car Spray Booth (Northern Europe Standard)The basement of 330mm high can offer wonderful air-exhaust performance. In comparison with other products, it is optimized with the height of 300mm. This platform possesses firm structure and strong bearing capacity.
    1. BZB-AF1000 Car Spray Booth (Africa Standard)It comes with two 3kW centrifugal type supply fans with external rotor, as well as one 4kW centrifugal type supply fan with external rotor. It can lower the total power and reduce the energy consumption, thus helping customers save much cost.
    1. Car Spray Booth (America Standard)The wallboard of the car spray booth with tongue and groove interlocking system is made of two pieces of galvanized steel sheet with rock wool insulation layer. PU insulation layer is optional. The total thickness of the wallboard for the industrial painting equipment is 50mm.
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