Automotive Sheet Metal Spray Line in Beijing FAW Group

As a China-based leading enterprise of sheet metal painting technology, our company has employed numerous engineers who are devoted to the design of sheet metal painting line. The following picture describes the sheet metal painting line that is customized and designed for Beijing Vehicle No.1 Factory.

Equipment List
Name Quantity
Through-type Paint Spraying Line 4
1. Cleaning room 4
2. Surface finish room 4
3. Varnish room 4
4. Low-temperature drying room 4
5. High-temperature drying room 4
6. Temperature reduction and inspection room 4
7. Conveyor chain (44m) 4

There are totally two automotive sheet metal spray lines, and each line is 11m long. The line is designed with the state-of-the-art and electrically controlled single-plate chain. A car is driven by power and moves forward in accordance with the working procedure. The working procedure is reasonably arranged. The whole layout is characterized by the front-rear connection and vertical design. The design takes fully into account both practical use and staff distribution. As a domestic leading enterprise of sheet metal painting line, our company can customize any product required by our clients.

This example case is applicable for the medium and large-sized vehicle repair companies as well as car repair workshops.

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