Dear Customer
We would like to express our gratitude to you for selecting Baozhongbao brand products. We own a variety of supreme-quality products, first-class technical force support, high working efficiency, and the whole-hearted professional service.

Depending on our extraordinary strength for many years, we have built our own brand equity in this industry, and also gained support of customers from home and abroad. Considering your vital interests, we offer the following services.

1. Please visit our website to obtain any information about our company and products you want to learn. Then, you can inquire about the related model of product which is suitable for you. Our business manager will respond to your message within 24 hours.

2. If you want to buy the non-standard product, please offer the related production information, including the workpiece name and raw materials, the maximum workpiece size, weight, annual output, production shift, heating energy supply, painting process, temperature requirements, factory conditions, and some others.

3. Our professional technical team will provide reasonable technical solutions within 2 workdays in accordance with your requirements. We can introduce the performance, technical parameters and other aspects about this machine in detail. Based on your needs, we supply the design plan and the related technical data. Then, we can design the most suitable product, so as to help you minimize the investment and operating cost.

4. We warmly welcome all clients to visit and fully understand our company. We provide you with a free shuttle bus service.

5. Our company has participated in the Frankfurt Car Care and Maintenance Equipment Industry Exhibition. All clients are welcomed to come here for a visit or consultation. We provide face-to-face opportunities to answer your question.

1. Our company manufactures the product in strict compliance with the CE marking, ISO international system certification, as well as the related national or industrial standard, contract, and technical proposal. Our professional quality control department is responsible for tracing the product quality, and testing the performance, so as to guarantee the product quality. We will timely offer the product to make you satisfied. In addition, we offer one package service, including the scheme approval, technical design, fabrication, installation, commissioning, after-sales service, and some others.

2. Customers can come to our factory, and inspect and accept our goods at any time. Any problem found in the goods inspection period will be solved by us rapidly to satisfy our customers.

3. The voltage of the standard spray booth is 380V/3Phase/50HZ, which conforms to the Chinese standard. Goods will be delivered within 10 workdays after we receive the earnest money. Goods of different voltage will be delivered within 20 workdays.

4. The packaging of products strictly conforms to the export standard. Most of parts are wrapped with foam plastic paper. Both wallboard and large cabinet are packaged with leatheroid, to guarantee the safety of both shipping and disassembling.

5. The type of payment is T/T, and sight credit.

6. We can provide the shipping information in accordance with customer requirements, so as to guarantee the preferential ocean freight, timely transportation, and the considerate shipping service. If customers have their shipping agents, we can offer the factory price and delivery price by making a negotiation as per customer needs.

1. We have a professional service team. In this team, all members work very hard. After receiving the notice that clients need service, they will provide a solution within 24 hours.

2. After our product is installed and commissioned successfully, we can offer the after-sales service for free charge within one year. If the parts are not damaged manually, our staff will be dispatched for the on-site maintenance within 48 hours in China. If small parts or light parts are damaged in overseas countries, new fittings can be shipped to the site by means of LCL method. Our company undertakes the relevant cost.

3. If the guarantee period is overdue, we will offer a lifetime maintenance service. We only charge the factory price of the fittings to help customers solve all problems.

4. We pay a return visit to all customers at regular intervals, so as to help them learn the service conditions of the equipment at any time. Also, we will remind users of the care and maintenance of the equipment, as well as the timely replacement of the filter screen.

5. Installation at Abroad: If any client requires us to provide installation service, we will dispatch the professional installation engineers to give an on-site guidance on both installation and commissioning. The customer needs to withstand the charges in relation to visa, remuneration, return ticket, as well as board and lodging. If customers can solve all installation problems by themselves, we will provide the detailed installation drawing and the installation CD. The instructions will offer customers some guidance on both commissioning and use of our spray booth.

6. Our company will supply an appropriate amount of wear parts for free charge, for those dealers who can purchase our equipment of over 30 sets each year. In this way, those dealers can help customers timely solve any problem on site, by negotiating with each other.

7. We warmly welcome all customers to put forward a technical improvement plan for our product. We will unceasingly optimize the product performance, to fully satisfy our clientele, and also make our customers trust our product. Moreover, our company never stops developing new product, on basis of the market requirements in different regions.

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