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Our company covers the floor area of approximately 30,000m2 and the building area of about 40,000m2. The manufacturing workshops occupy the area of nearly 25,000m2 and the warehouse covers an area of almost 10,000m2. Currently, our company has over 350 employees, including more than 40 managers, over 30 senior technical staff, more than 40 salesmen, over 100 production personnel, and more than 100 personnel for installation and after-sales services.

No.1 Warehouse Floor Grille in Warehouse Checkered Plates Stored in Warehouse Wall Panels Stored in Warehouse
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Tools and Cables Hardware Warehouse Big Cabinet and Hot Cabinet Manufacturing Workshop Semi-finished Big Cabinet
Centrifugal Fan An Area for Processing and Bending Process Supporting Frame, Floor Grille, and Wall Panels Pretreatment Workshop
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Production Equipment

CNC Punch Press
The CNC punch press is operated and monitored in this CNC unit, which acts as the brain of the CNC punch. In comparison with the ordinary punch, this numerical control punch possesses the following characteristics.

1. With high machining precision, the equipment gives stable machining quality.

2. Due to large processing area, it is able to complete the processing area of 1.5m*5m for only once.

3. In addition, this punching machine can control the multi-axis motion, and it can be used for the processing of complex-shaped components, the cutting and shaping processes, and much more.

4. When the machined component is changed, only CNC program is generally required to be modified, which can reduce the preparation time for production.

5. The CNC punch is provided with high precision and great rigidity. It can choose the optimal processing quantity, and then give high production efficiency.

6. Due to high degree of automation, this machine is able to reduce the labor intensity.

7. Thanks to simple operation, it can be operated by those users who have been trained for the basic computer knowledge for 2 or 3 days.

The CNC punch press is ideal for processing all sorts of metal sheet parts. It can automatically accomplish various holes of complex shapes as well as the shallow-drawing and molding process for only once.

As per requirements, this machine is capable of automatically processing the holes of different shapes, sizes, and hole-spacing. Alternatively, a small punch can be utilized to punch the large round holes, square holes, waist-shaped holes, as well as diversified shapes of curved outline. Moreover, the punch press can offer some special techniques, such as shutters, counter bores, flanged holes, stiffeners, coining, shallow drawing, and other work.

Compared with the traditional stamping technology, a simple combination of moulds can save a mass of mould cost. It requires low cost and short term to process the small batch of diversified products. Additionally, it features large processing range and strong processing capability. Therefore, this method can be timely adapted to the variation of both market and goods.

Punch Press 5m Plate Shearing Machine

Punch Press
This device focuses on the stamping and manufacturing of plates. With the help of moulds, numerous techniques are available, such as the blanking, punching, molding, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, riveting, extruding, and some others. This machine is widely applied in all industries, such as the switch plugs, cups, cupboards, saucers, computer cases, and even guided missiles. Quite a lot of fittings can be made by the punch press through moulds.

Plate Shearing Machine
The plate shearing machine is also known as plate shears or guillotine shear. By means of the reciprocating rectilinear motion of the upper blade and the fixed lower blade, this machine can break down the metal plates of all thickness through a reasonable blade clearance based on the dimensional requirements.

The plate shearing machine pertains to a kind of forging machinery, the function of which is basically to process metal. It is commonly used for providing the required special-purpose machinery and complete equipment in such industries as aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemicals, buildings, ships, vehicles, electric power, electrical equipment, and much more.

4.2m Bending Machine 5m Bending Machine and Metal Coil Shear Line 3.5m Bending Machine

2.5m Bending Machine
Most of plates are processed by the WE67YK series bending machine. The real-time detection and feedback process is supported by a photoelectric encoder, two grating rulers, as well as the full closed-loop CNC system of the SDS-3PB bending machine. The stepper motor driven screw rod can form a full-closed loop control system. The photoelectric encoder can detect the position of the fixed stopper inside the oil cylinder, and then feed back to the CNC system. Moreover, the angle programming process can be directly conducted, and the angle compensation function is available.

CNC Bending Machine
1. The grating ruler is utilized for real-time detection, feedback and modification. In addition, the bending machine adopts the full-closed loop control system. The positioning precision of the back block and the fixed block of slider is ±0.02mm.

2. The upper mould adopts the fast-clamping equipment, and the lower mould utilizes the inclined wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

3. Furthermore, this CNC bending machine offers the multi-stage programming function. It can realize multiple automatic operations, and also achieve the processing of spare parts for only once. Then, the production efficiency is greatly enhanced.

4. Based on the needs of users, they can choose a high-quality hydraulic system with stable performance and compact structure. The back block can select the ball screw, and the synchronous belt drive can be used.

5. Beyond that, the CNC plate bending machine is characterized by streamlined design, high speed, high precision and high rigidity.

6. The electro hydraulic servo system adopts the full-closed loop control system to control the synchronization of slider.

7. The workbench comes with the hydraulic deflection compensation and throat distortion compensation mechanism to guarantee the bending precision.

8. The back block makes use of the digital AC servo motor drive, the precision ball screw drive, as well as the linear guideway.

63tons Punching Machine 2.5m Bender Molding Machine Hot Cabinet and Welding Rack
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