Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Related Names
Abrasive Media Blasting Machine | Shot Peening Equipment | Rust Removal Equipment

    1. QH69 Roller Conveyor H Section Steel Shot Blasting MachineThis QH69 roller conveyor H section steel shot blasting machine can be found in such industries as buildings, bridges, and some others. It is primarily used for stress relieving and rust removal from the surface of diversified structural steel, such as the large-sized H section steel.
    1. QG Series Roller Conveyor Steel Pipe Inner/Outer Wall Shot Blasting MachineOur QG series roller conveyor steel pipe inner-outer wall shot blasting machine is able to eliminate the oxide layer, welding splatter and other sundries on both internal and external surfaces of steel pipe products. It provides these surfaces with metallic luster, and then gives convenience for both painting and coating of workpieces.