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    1. EPS Panel The molding is carried out only once. As a fire-resistant plate, this product features light weight, vivid colors, outstanding thermal insulation properties, and low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Its service life reaches up to 20 years.
    1. Pressure LockThis pressure lock can provide all operators with a high level of security. Once the air overpressure occurs in the room, our product will automatically open the emergency exit.
    1. Floor GrilleThis floor grille is made of galvanized steel or steel material. It features high durability and decent appearance. The metal grating is available in different sizes. It is applicable for spray booth, prep station, painting line, and other industrial equipment sets.
    1. Centrifugal FanIn this way, the requirement for shaping the paint film can be well guaranteed to increase the utilization rate of paint. Simultaneously, the required air cleanliness can be achieved to secure the health of all workers in the operating area.
    1. DKF Series Centrifugal VentilatorIt consists of the DKF series forward curved impeller type, the DKF series backward curved impeller type, the logarithmic spiral casing, as well as the arc, streamlined air inlet, among other components.
    1. 4-82 Series Centrifugal VentilatorsOur 4-82 series centrifugal ventilators are independently developed by integrating the merits of manufacturers from home and abroad. They can meet the special requirements for huge air quantity and low head in air conditioning industry.
    1. BELIMO-Automatic Air Vent It is vertically mounted during the paint spraying process. In the paint curing process, our product will automatically form a 90-degree opening angle to produce internal circulation. It offers a long holding time, as well as great reduction of both oil and electricity.
    1. Water-borne Painting SystemThis water-borne painting system adopts 36 pieces of ceiling nozzles as well as 2 centrifugal fans with the power of 1.5kW/set, for the purpose of drying water-based paint. In addition, it comes with 2 sets of air drying systems with the power of 0.18kW/set. These two systems are separately controlled.
    1. Spray Booth FilterOur spray booth filter is a unique product with large area. The whole system makes use of the world's advanced technology. As its core part, the filter screen is made in Italy. It allows the air in the curing booth to be uniformly filtered and purified.
    1. Spray Booth BurnerThanks to scientific design and fabrication, the heat transfer efficiency reaches over 85%. The remarkable features include large heat-transfer area, complete combustion, high thermal efficiency, as well as high safety and reliability.
    1. Air HeaterThis allows the energy to be saved. Additionally, the heated air is uniformly distributed, and offers considerable quantity of heat per unit volume, which provides a reliable guarantee on the consistency of all temperature points in the room.
    1. Control PanelOur control panel acts as the control center of the entire curing booth. All its operation and control elements are the supreme-quality electronic components, which are produced by the selected world-famous manufacturers.
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