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Car Spray Booth

This BZB-8700 car spray booth is designed with numerous special details, considering the actual needs of the demanding clients. It is safe and eco-friendly, due to the adoption of high-class configurations. As our luxurious type product, this product is basically applicable for the high-end brand car 4S shops and high-level repair factories.

Our car spray booth is designed with the paint-spray mist filtering equipment without a pump, for fully mixing the paint mist, water and air. In this way, the paint mist can be effectively decreased to over 98%. The inconvenience resulted from the replacement of the dry filter is also reduced. Moreover, the exhaust gas conforms to the national standard.

Furthermore, the car spray booth is equipped with the dual temperature-protection system, the electronic temperature controller, and the high-quality mechanical temperature controller. When the temperature in the chamber exceeds standard, the sound-light alarm will display information, and automatically cut power off.

1. The thickness of polystyrene insulated panels is increased from 50mm to 70mm. This board gives distinguished heat preservation performance, as well as high strength and longevity.

2. The basement is optimized to be adjustable. With the height of 300m, it can be suited for uneven grounds. Its adjustment conforms to the actual ground situations.

3. In addition, this series car spray booth is configured with galvanized steel grating.

4. The whole ramp is designed with super beautiful vision. It gives convenience for the entry of the cars of distinct wheelbase sizes.

5. The eco-friendly cabinet comes without a pump to deal with exhaust gas. Different from a dry filter, the filter screen needs to be replaced at regular intervals, which helps lower the cost of consumable parts.

6. The air inlet and outlet are equipped with T-shaped protective cover, which can effectively stop dust from entering. Accordingly, they won't be blocked, and the equipment maintains high-efficiency operation.

7. The exhaust duct of our car spray booth is added with two self-acting gravity type air valve. The air port adopts the conical protective cover, which can guard against rain and also prevent the wind from entering the spray booth along the exhaust duct.

8. The exhaust fan is driven by an 11kW belt, featuring great air-exhaust volume and low noise. It is pretty safe to mount the motor externally.

9. The electric cabinet takes advantage of the touch screen, which is provided with human-oriented design and nice appearance.

10. For much safer operation, the furnace makes use of the pressure relief device.

12. Moreover, our car spray booth is installed with a 20N electric actuator for extremely strong power.

13. It is also supplied with 32 pieces of 20W side lights to increase the light intensity to 1000lux. No ghosting is produced during the paint spraying process.

14. The door comes with an automatic door closer.

Configuration Table
Outside dimension Inside dimension Front door dimension Working door dimension Total Power
7000*5560*3430mm(L*W*H) 6900*4000*2650mm(L*W*H) 3000*2600mm(W*H) 650*1800mm(W*H) 26KW
Chamber System 1. Wallboard: Our car spray booth utilizes the common EPS (polystyrene) insulation board in the industry. The outer layer is the Baosteel-made color coated steel plate, which is filled with polystyrene insulation materials. The board is entirely molded for only once. The wallboard is 70mm thick, and the roof panel is 50mm thick.
2. Four-sided Frame of the Chamber:
a. The silver aluminum alloy material is professionally made from moulds. The door is designed with aluminum-alloy folded edge.
b. The chamber frame, bottom edge, as well as the front and rear corners are fixed and decorated by aluminum alloy structural parts.
c. On the top of our car spray booth, the powder coated steel plate edge adopts compression molding technology.
d. The side door is installed with pressure lock. In case of excessive pressure in the chamber, the pressure relief device will be opened automatically. Meanwhile, the top of the side door is designed with a lever-type automatic door closer, which can avoid beating habitually to open or close the side door.
3. Basement: The basement of 300mm high is assembled by galvanized steel plates and galvanized steel frame, accompanied with the adjustable stand. The structural steel features high strength and height, nice appearance, and high durability. The platform can be placed on the left and right. It is installed with the galvanized flat steel grating.
4. Ramp: The whole ramp is composed of the anti-skid checkered plate.
Air Supply and Exhaust System 1. This car spray booth comes with YDW series centrifugal fan, which is made in use of Siemens technology. This fan possesses such advantages as low noise, great air capacity, low energy consumption, and more.
Detailed Data of Supply Fan
Model YDW4.5L
Air Capacity 12,500m3/h
Total Pressure 800Pa
Rotational Speed 940rpm
Power 4kW
Quantity 2 sets
Detailed Data of Exhaust Fan
Model 4-82-6.3E
Air Capacity 30,000m3/h
Total Pressure 1026Pa
Rotational Speed 1320rpm
Power 11kW
Quantity 1 set
2. The air supply and exhaust duct are designed with the manually adjustable damper, so as to control the air quantity as well as both positive and negative pressure. The whole system comes with a set of automatic damper and two sets of manual dampers. On the top of the exhaust duct, there is a ladder-shaped protective cover. The top of the supply duct is mounted with a conical protective cover. Moreover, the protective cover is internally installed with two automatic gravity-type air valves.
3. Inside our car spray booth, the air supply and exhaust duct are separated from each other. The air is supply in use of double inlet. Under the exhaust duct, there is a self-acting fan cabin. A 20N actuator made in Switzerland can guarantee the accuracy of both internal and external circulation.
4. The air supply and exhaust cabinet and eco-friendly cabinet adopt the professionally molded aluminum alloy material as their frame. The steel plated is sprayed with paint. The frame is stable, gorgeous, reliable, and convenient for maintenance.
Air Purification System Double layer structure for coarse and fine filtration:
1. The coarse filter is made from high-quality non-woven cotton, which can effectively catch the dust particles with the diameter of over 15μm.
2. Between the automatic fan cabin and the generator, there is a removable door for convenient replacement.
3. The precision class filter bed selects the superior-quality filter screen made in the Netherlands. This filter screen has multiple layers. It can effectively capture the granules with the diameter of over 5μm.
4. This system is placed at the bottom of the plenum chamber, and supported by the roof mesh. The roof mesh consists of the premium-quality section steel in use of welding and power spraying technology. It features high rigidity, nice appearance, easy replacement, and no corrosion. The entire purification system gives huge dust-holding capacity, low air resistance, long lifespan, and high filtration rate of up to 98%.
Heating System 1. Our car spray booth is supplied with the Italian-made G20 type light-oil burner, which can produce high heat of up to 180,000kcal/kg per hour. The rate of oil consumption for each car ranges from 6litre to 8litre. The heat-up time varies from 6 to 8 minutes.
2. The thermal energy converter is formed of high-quality stainless steel by adoption of argon-arc welding technology. Striking advantages include reasonable structure, high safety, great heat-exchange area, high heat-utilization rate, and high rate of heat exchange of up to 85%.
3. The volume of oil tank is 50L. This heating system also adopts the transparent oil-quantity display device and the fuel oil filter. The chamber is internally mounted with two 0.18kW dryers.
Lighting System 1. Lighting sets of the car spray booth are mounted on both sides of the wall, or on the side at the top of the chamber.
2. The lighting set on the side of the ceiling is installed with a 45-degree angle. It is composed of 40pcs 18W LED tubes and electronic ballast.
3. The lighting set on both sides of the wall consists of 16pcs 18W LED lamps and electronic ballast.
4. While being installed inside the wallboard, these two lighting sets are parallel to each other. The light intensity inside the chamber reaches over 1100Lux.
5. The ceiling mounted light box is separated from the plenum chamber in use of a shield plate, so as to increase the supply air volume of the plenum chamber. Meanwhile, the oblique section of both left and right light boxes is equipped with 36 air nozzles.
7. The air is sent to the light-box separation chamber in use of two 1.5kW fans on both left and right sides of the ceiling. Accordingly, the airflow at the dead corner of bottom of the light box can be enhanced.
8. On the back of the chamber, there are two 0.18kW circulation dryers.
Electric Control System 1. This entire system is an assembly of supreme-quality electronic components. The internal electronic component is controlled by a micro-computer touch screen in use of the newest high technology. The whole operation is set to be completed for only once.
2. The hot air inlet is mounted with high-quality mechanical type temperature limiter for double temperature protection. Then, the equipment is guaranteed with safe operation and high utilization rate.
3. The main circuit is designed with multiple protective functions, such as excess current, excess load, short circuit, phase failure, and more.
4. The control box of our car spray booth offers such advantages as high precision, advanced functions, convenient operation, high safety and reliability, as well as elegant appearance, among others.
Environmental Protection System Without the help of a pump, the water curtain can well handle the exhaust gas. It offers satisfactory effect, by fully connecting with the exhaust gas. The exhaust emissions can be guaranteed to reach the related national standard.
Others 1. The closed type oil tank and tool cabinet can store paint and tools.
2. The track frame of our car spray booth is formed by high-quality steel, which gives convenience for spraying small parts.
3. The back wall of the chamber is equipped with a gas-pipe box, where there are the pipe joints, air compressor barometer, as well as the pressure regulating valve.

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