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Car Polisher (Automatic Sanders with Dust Extraction System, Model V7)

1. The car polisher is equipped with dust extraction system. The movable workstation makes this automatic sander convenient for use.
2. The optional Y-shaped hose fitting can be connected with 2 vacuum grinders, improving the working efficiency by 80%.
3. Eco-friendly, the central dust collection system of the automobile polishing device ensures clean and healthy working environment.
4. High speed polishing and grinding help improve the working efficiency, effectively.
5. The car polisher is installed with automatic switch, low noise motor imported from Germany, and powerful suction device.
6. Scientifically designed, the car polishing machine will stop 10-20 seconds later when in idle state, to fully collect the dust in the pipe.
7. The main cabinet of the car polisher is manufactured with rack divided into multiple compartments. So, it is very easy for the user to place the sandpaper and the auxiliary tools.

Technical Parameters
Model V7
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 2500W
Amount of dust 230m3/h
Capacity 60L
Pipe Length 7.5m
Working pressure 10MPa
Spare Parts List
1) 6"(152mm) central vacuum grinder (polisher)
Made of composite material, the central vacuum grinder of the car polisher is manufactured with low centre of gravity. Conforming to ergonomics, the polisher generates little vibration during operation. The light weight relieves user from getting fatigue easily. Apart from that, the special design of the hand grip makes this product comfortable for use in winter. The vacuum grinder is widely employed in many industries for surface polishing and grinding.

Speed: 12000rpm
Eccentricity: 5mm
Net weight: 0.85kg
Air Consumption: 0.48m3/min
Working pressure: 6.3kg/cm2
2) 3×7"(75×175mm) central vacuum grinder
Efficient and time-saving, the central vacuum grinder of the car polisher is designed with low centre of gravity. The body of the product is made of composite material. Specially designed according to ergonomics, the central vacuum grinder generates little vibration during operation and is capable of relieving fatigue. Even in winter, user will not feel cold when holding the product.

Speed: 10000rpm
Eccentricity: 4mm
Net weight: 0.9kg
Air consumption: 0.48m3/min
Working pressure: 6.3kg/cm2
3) Manual plane with 15 holes for grinding of small area 1
4) Vacuum pipe
The vacuum pipe of the car polisher has optimal corrosion resistance. It is connected to the vacuum grinder for air supply and dust collection.
5) Combined type vacuum pipe
The vacuum pipe can be connected with two grinders, synchronously.
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