Large Spray Booth in India Suzlon Company

Our company has taken responsibility for making a large-sized spray booth for India Suzlon Company. Considering the heavy workpieces on basis of their specifications provided by Suzlon Company, our company has offered professional solutions. Firstly, a crane is installed inside the spray booth, for the purpose of hoisting workpieces. Secondly, we adopt the power-driven trolley to carry the workpieces out of the spray booth. This Indian company highly appreciates our design. Our product can not only reduce labor force and shorten the workpiece processing time, but also increase efficiency and bring our clients enormous benefits.

This example case is fit for machinery manufacturing enterprises as well as the heavy workpiece companies.

This example case occurs in India Suzlon Company, which has purchased 3 sets of our large spray booth with the dimension of 10m*6m*5.5m.

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