Shot Blasting Machine

Related Names
Shot Blast Equipment | Shot Peening Machine | Abrasive Blasting Equipment

    1. Banding Steel Shot Blasting MachineThis banding steel shot blasting machine can be used individually or as part of an assembly line. At first, steel strips are uncoiled manually. Next, they will be clamped and fed to pass through the shot blasting chamber, and then made coiled.
    1. Hook Type Blasting Cleaning MachineOur hook type blasting cleaning machine remarkably features great blasting capacity, high cleaning efficiency, compact structure, and large effective space of chamber. With a pitless design, it has no special requirement for the external structure of the workpieces being cleaned.
    1. Rotary Drum Shot Blasting MachineOur rotary drum shot blasting machine enables workpieces to be uniformly cleaned by means of the rotation of a barrel. It is basically used for the shot blasting of small or medium sized pieces.
    1. Wire Shot Blast MachineThis wire shot blast machine is fully protected and designed with no pit. Additionally, it is firmly built with impeller heads that are dedicated for wire. It features very few wear parts, easy replacement, and extremely high production efficiency.
    1. Chain Conveyor Shot Blasting MachineOur chain conveyor shot blasting machine is conducive to the surface treatment of iron castings, steel castings, forged pieces, and pressed parts. Also, it is fit for removing rust from the surface of liquefied gas bottles. In particular, it is propitious to clean the forgings and castings ...
    1. Turntable Shot Blast MachineThis turntable shot blast machine is used for cleaning and strengthening the surface of both structural steel and castings. It is more suitable for removing rust and scale from the surface of steel billets of high thickness. Our product is widely applied in such industries as casting ...