Belt Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Related Names
Bead Blasting Equipment | Rough Surface Treatment Equipment | Abrasive Shot Blaster

    1. 15GN-7M Belt Conveyor Shot Blasting MachineThis 15GN-7M belt conveyor shot blasting machine is utilized to remove the sticky sand, rust, scales, burr and some others from the surface of castings, forgings, stamped parts, and other easily tumbled workpieces, non-brittle spare parts, as well as the castings the core of which is not deep.
    1. Q32 Belt Conveyor Shot Blasting MachineOur Q32 belt conveyor shot blasting machine is fit for surface derusting or reinforcing on a variety of workpieces produced in medium and large batches. It is capable of cleaning the non-brittle castings and heat-treated parts. This facility can be used individually or as part of an assembly line.