Hot Water and Steam Heater of Spray Booth

The hot water and steam heater of spray booth refers to the finned-tube air heat exchanger. It is mainly used for heating air in the drying system, thus being the major device for heating air. The radiator can use steam, hot water, or heat-transfer oil as the thermal medium. The working pressure of steam is generally at most 0.8MPa, and the temperature of hot air is lower than 150 degrees Celsius.

The fin type radiator is basically composed of three rows of multiple rows of helical finned tubes.

1. SRZ Type Finned-Tube Radiator
The processing technique of this type radiator is to mechanically wind the steel band of 0.5*10mm around the seamless steel pipe. Next, the hot dip galvanizing process is required. Alternatively, the stainless steel pipe and the stainless steel band can be combined to form the stainless steel radiator.

2. SRL Type Radiator
The SRL type radiator refers to the fin type radiator that is composed of steel pipe and aluminum band. Its heat radiating area per unit length is larger than that of the SRZ type. Through the fin tightly wound on the steel pipe, heat can be transferred to the air for being heated. This type radiator is well received as an eco-friendly heat transfer product. It is suitable for the medium and low temperature of drying process at the ambient temperature of at most 80 degrees Celsius.

Characteristics and Strengths
1. The hot water and steam heater of spray booth is characterized by large comprehensive heat transfer coefficient, high heat-transfer efficiency, obvious energy-saving effect, and much more. Moreover, this high-efficiency heat exchanger is provided with small size, light weight, compact structure, and convenient installation.

2. With small volume, this device offers such advantages as high heat-up speed, uniform heating effect, rapid heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency, long service life, high safety performance, low operating cost, and some others.

3. Due to the adoption of mechanical winding method, the fin is tightly connected to the radiator pipe with large contact area. The heat transfer performance is favorable and stable. The resistance to air flow is low. Steam or hot water flows through the steel pipe.

4. Beyond that, this hot water and steam heater of spray booth can guard against rust and high temperature. It is an eco-friendly and energy-saving product without causing any pollution.

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