Our company has been developed for over a decade. So far, we have experienced three stages.

1. Start-up Stage from 1999 to 2003
During this period, our company was affected by the industrial workshops, fund, equipment, and employees. For this reason, our annual production capacity was approximately 720 machines, and our products were only sold to the domestic market. At that time, our product quality, technical content, and production capacity were relatively low.

2. Development Stage from 2004 to 2009
Our company spent more investment on the fixed assets, personnel training, as well as the product research and development. Eventually, the yearly production capacity was increased to about 1,100 facilities. In addition to the domestic clients, many overseas customers successively ordered our goods, which occupied approximately 25% of the total annual sales. Since then, our company had made great progress, regardless of the product quality, technology research and development, production capacity, sales performance, and other aspects. This laid a solid foundation for the continuous and steady growth of our company. During this period, Jiangsu Jingzhongjing Company was founded.

3. Stable Stage from 2010 to Today
Our company was moved to the present site and also spent huge investment on purchasing new type equipment, for further improving the manufacturing capacity, product quality, sales performance, the technology research and development, among others.

At present, our yearly production capacity reaches about 1,800 machines, and the total annual sales are increased at a rate of 20%. Our branded products can be found all over the country, covering the automobile 4S shop, industrial machinery enterprises, the vehicle repair industry, and much more. In addition, a great number of foreign clients have placed an order, and the international trade revenue is also increased at a rate of 20%. Now, our products have been exported to all major countries around the world.

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