Gas Burner of Spray Booth

In the paint spraying process, the gas nozzle of the burner serves to eject the fuel gas. After electric spark ignition, flame can be formed. A flame burns in a stainless-steel heat exchanger, and then the thermal energy is formed.

The cold air will be transported by the supply fan to the air chamber on the top of the spray booth, after heat exchange in the thermal energy converter. Through filtration and purification, the temperature of hot air is uniformly lowered, which allows the spray booth to be gradually heated to a predetermined value.

The gas burner of spray booth can be used for the medium and high temperature of drying process at the environmental temperature of at most 300 degrees Celsius.

1. The gas burner of spray booth possesses such advantages as high thermal efficiency, sufficient combustion, superb safety performance, strong reliability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, and high degree of automation, among others.

2. High Thermal Efficiency: This machine can be adapted to pressure fluctuation. The operator can adjust the amount of primary air by himself. The larger the gas pressure, the greater amount of primary air will be inhaled.

3. High Safety: Our burner of spray booth is designed with low flame. When the burner is started, a low flame will be ignited firstly. Once the low flame burns normally and stably, the automatic control system will begin to open the main gas valve. Then, the fuel will be allowed to enter the thermal energy converter for normal combustion, and no deflagration phenomenon will occur.

4. Well-adapted Fuel: This facility is ideal for dealing with natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas mixture, and other types of fuel gas.

5. The other prominent characteristics include great heat output, high heating rate, and very few pollutants.

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