Distributor in Saudi Arabia
Distributor in Saudi Arabia

This agent has been cooperated with us for 6 years, during this period, he purchased 12 sets spray booth per year from our company.

Company introduction
Universal Motors Agencies (UMA) is one of the first and most prestigious general motors dealers in the Middle East.
The ultimate goal of the found of UMA was to reach the vision of “Customer for Life” by focusing on delivering the best services to the customers and the continuous thriving to achieve their maximum satisfaction, therefore, UMA kept following the highest global standards and basic values set by GM for its dealers, also by adapting the best operational plans keeping the customer as its first priority as follows:
1. Continuous thriving to exceed customer expectations on all fronts with no exceptions.
2. Adapting and implementing the highest global standards related to the business.
3. Focus on customer contact points and the customer experience to make it as pleasant as possible.
UMA was a product of the merger in 1977 of two GM’s first dealers in Saudi, Arabian Motors & Engineering Company (Ameco-Zahid) a GM’s Dealer since 1946 and General Machinery Agencies (GMA) a GM dealer since 1957.
Ever since the coalition between these two companies started 17 years ago, UMA has witnessed unparalleled record success and achievements, the coalition company started with 5 showrooms and 450 dedicated employees working for the brand. Year over year Universal Motors Agencies (UMA) has been reaching heights of success in customer service and also expanding their GMC and Chevrolet brand showroom network across the Kingdom.
In 2013 Universal Motors Agencies (UMA) has achieved a successfully operating of 22 showrooms across the Kingdom with more than 2,200 employees working for the organization. UMA with same spirit and dedication is continuing to meet market demand and constantly increase their operational network and deployment of employees around the Kingdom.

Contact information
Office Telephone: +966 (12) 602-6012 Ext. 3200 / 3201 / 3202 / 3230
Fax: +966 (12) 602-6911
Mobile: +966 (59) 564-3303

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