Diesel Oil Burner of Spray Booth

During the drying process, the oil nozzle of the burner can make fuel oil be atomized, which allows flame to be formed with the help of electric spark. A flame burns in a stainless-steel heat exchanger, and then the thermal energy is formed.

After the interchange of heat in the thermal energy converter, the cold air will be sent by a supply fan to the air chamber on the top of the spray booth. After the hot air is filtered and purified, its temperature is lowered. Then, the temperature in the spray booth is gradually increased to a predetermined value.

The diesel oil burner of spray booth is ideal for the medium and high-temperature drying process at the ambient temperature of at most 300 degrees Celsius.

Features and Advantages
1. It is pretty convenient to install the diesel oil burner of spray booth. There is no need to use complicated tools, or ask a specialist for help.

2. This machine takes advantage of the atomization principle. No additive is required to process the fuel oil. Other striking advantages include high durability, perfect electronic protection, long service life, no wear parts, and no maintenance.

3. The diesel oil burner of spray booth can work normally even at low temperature. It is well adaptable to extremely cold areas.

4. Remarkable features include great heat output, high heating rate, uniform distribution, as well as the small size of atomized particles.

5. The ratio for flow regulation is 1:6. Therefore, both operation and maintenance are quite convenient.

6. The oil gun has no firing stabilizer. The air velocity is within 75m/s, providing stable combustion and no fire suppression.

7. The effect of saving oil is significant, and the combustion efficiency reaches over 99.5%. The average rate of saving diesel oil or light oil is more than 5%.

8. In use of the diesel oil burner of spray booth, the ignition of the common fuel gas or light oil can be abolished. Moreover, this burner can realize the cold-state automatic electronic ignition for any kind of fuel oil with the viscosity of at most 100°E and the oil temperature of at least ℃. With very few pollutants, the end product conforms to the national environmental-protection standard.

9. The coking or blocking of the oil gun will not occur. Other advantages include high-rigidity flame, sufficient combustion, and no oil drip, among others.

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