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Wire Shot Blast Machine

This wire shot blast machine is fully protected and designed with no pit. Additionally, it is firmly built with impeller heads that are dedicated for wire. It features very few wear parts, easy replacement, and extremely high production efficiency.

In use of our blast cleaning machine, the surface of wire can obtain a uniform roughness. The adhesive force of aluminum coating or copper coating is increased, which allows the coating to be well distributed and never fall off. Moreover, the internal stress produced in the wire drawing process can be eliminated. Also, our product helps enhance the tensile strength as well as the resistance to stress corrosion cracking on the surface of wire, thus enabling the wire to achieve a permanent lifespan.

Technical Specifications
Name Wire Shot Blast Machine
Model XQll XQ 44H
Wire Size Φ 5.5-40 Φ 6-24
Processing Speed MA × 120 22-150
Quantity of Impeller Head 4 4
Impeller Head Power 4 × 18.5 4 × 22
Total Power 100 162.75
External Dimension 3440 × 1575 × 3630 3200 × 1800 × 4500

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Wire Surface Finishing Machine | Abrasive Grit Blasting Machine | Metal Shot Blaster

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