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Rotary Drum Shot Blasting Machine

Our rotary drum shot blasting machine enables workpieces to be uniformly cleaned by means of the rotation of a barrel. It is basically used for the shot blasting of small or medium sized pieces.

Technical Parameters
Item Unit Q3310 Q3110A Q3113 Q3113A
Drum Diameter mm 1000 1000 1300 1300
Load Capacity kg 300 300 700 700
Max. Weight of One Workpiece kg 15 15 30 30
Production Rate kW/h 600-1500 600-1500 2500-3500 2500-3500
Power kW 10 10 14.5 16

Note: The letter "A" means that our product is configured with the bag type dust collector.

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Tumble Blast Machine | Industrial Abrasive Blasting Equipment | Metal Shot Blast Machine

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