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Prep Station

List of Configurations
Product Name Prep Station
Product Model BZB-6500
Parameters Internal Dimension (mm) 6400×4000×2650 External Dimension (mm) 7650×4106×3430 (without rapes) Total Power 6.5kW
Cabin System 1. The plenum chamber at the top of our 6500 prep station utilizes the cold-rolled steel plates. The roof panel is formed by galvanized steel sheets.
2. The front end of our equipment adopts the flexible PVC curtains, which can move on the predetermined aluminum alloy slide way.
3. The EPS heat-retaining board is mounted on both sides of our machine and the rear side of the wall.
4. The basement is an integrated anti-corrosive system for air exhaust. The walking platform consists of the checkered plate and high strength grids.
5. The entire structure is characterized by light weight, novel design, and nice appearance. It also offers superb strength, rigidity, stability, and shock resistance.
Air Circulation system 1. Fan: The YDW series double-inlet centrifugal fan takes advantage of Siemens technology. It is formed of compression molded galvanized plates, providing enormous air capacity, ultra low noise, and super strong resistance to temperature. Its quality is superior.
Detailed Data
Model YDW-5.6S
Air Capacity 15,000m3/h
Total Pressure 800Pa
Rotational Speed 900rpm
Power 5.5kW
Quantity 1 set
2. Exhaust Cabin: The cabin is composed of alloy frame and steel plates. It is firm, reliable, gorgeous, and also convenient for maintenance.
Air Purification System 1. The high-quality filter screen is made in Italy. This multi-layered structure is fixed at the bottom of the plenum chamber. It is supported by roof mesh.
2. The roof mesh is constructed from C section steel, which can guard against corrosion.
3. The ceiling filter can be changed easily. It can effectively catch the granules with the diameter of over 5μm.
Environmental Protection System 1. The first floor filter is placed under the grille of the return air duct. It serves to seize large dust particles.
2. The second glass fiber filter is mounted inside the exhausting cabin for catching the remaining granules.
Illumination System 1. Lighting sets are installed on the top of the ceiling. 24 pieces of 36W Philips lamps are equipped so as to provide the room with bright, even illumination.
2. The ballast is given for exclusive use. It features stable performance and long service life.
Control system 1. This system consists of high-quality electronic components. All operational processes are set to be finished for only once.
2. The main circuit offers multi-protection, such as excess current, excess load, short circuit, phase failure, and some others.
3. This system also comes with the assembled working switch, lighting switch, emergency stop switch, failure alarm, and much more.

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