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Car Spray Booth

Our BZB-8200C car spray booth conforms to the Poland standard to choose the middle-end configurations. It is safe and eco-friendly, which is ideal for the car repair factories and common car 4S shops where environmental protection is required. Considering the actual needs of our clientele, this product is designed with many unique details.

1. The door of this car spray booth is fixed with 12 hinges.
2. In addition, our product comes with two 3kW centrifugal type supply fans, and one 5.5kW belt-driven exhaust fan. The air port of the fan is installed with anti-explosion brass ring. The motor is CE certified.
3. The light box is convex-shaped, providing superb sealing performance.
4. Both light box and big cabinet are surrounded with sealing strips, the sealing performance of which is wonderful.
5. At the top of our car spray booth, the filter screen is changed to be all-round insertion type. Therefore, it is more convenient and fast to replace the ceiling filter.
6. The smoke tube of the burner is made from stainless steel of 1m long.
7. Beyond that, this series car spray booth takes advantage of an electric actuator and a manual damper.

Configuration Table
External Dimension (mm) Internal Dimension (mm) Gate Size (mm) Total Power (kW)
7000×53 60×3430 6900×4000×2650 3000(width)×2600(height) 13
Chamber System 1. The car spray booth adopts the fire-resistant polystyrene insulation board. The wallboard is 50mm thick, and the outer steel clamping plate is 0.426mm thick. The roof panel is formed by high-quality galvanized sheets.
2. The door frame is made of aluminum alloy profiles by adoption of professional die sinking technology. The door leaf utilizes the square-shaped tempered glass, and it is fixed with aluminum profiles. The door is reinforced with 12 hinges.
3. The frame of the chamber is fixed with galvanized steel sheets.
4. The platform is assembled by galvanized steel sheets and anti-corrosion square steel frame. Additionally, it is configured with the whole floor grille.
5. Three ramps of 900mm wide are made up of anti-skid checkered plates.
Air Supply and Exhaust System 1. Our car spray booth is assembled with two 3kW YDW series centrifugal type supply fans with air capacity of 21,400m3/h. In addition, a 5.5kW DKF series exhaust fan is utilized with the air capacity of 20,576m3/h. The motor is CE certified.
2. The air port of the air supply and exhaust fans is installed with the explosion-proof brass ring.
3. The air cabinet is formed by coated profiles and galvanized steel sheets.
4. The air is supplied from the back. The exhaust duct is composed of superior-quality galvanized steel plates and professionally made flanges. The air velocity is 0.35m/s, and the air change ratio reaches 320 times per hour.
5. This complete system is equipped with an actuator and a manually-operated louver damper. An electric actuator is used to guarantee the accuracy of both internal and external circulation. A manual damper is installed on the air outlet, so as to adjust the air exhaust volume conveniently.
Air Purification System 1. The high-quality filter screen is used for the primary filtration of intake air. It can effectively catch the dust particles with the diameter of over 10μm.
2. The highly efficient filter at the top of our car spray booth adopts the fire-resistant filter screen made in the Netherlands. It succeeds in seizing the granules with the diameter of over 4μm.
3. The floor filter is made from glass fiber cotton in Italy. A differential pressure gauge is adopted. The TSP value is no more than 1.4mg/m3.
Heating System 1. The G20 type burner gives a maximum heating value of 180,000kcal/kg.
2. The exchanger of our car spray booth is made from the SUS304 high-quality stainless steel of 1.5mm thick in use of argon-arc welding technology. It is also configured with the anti-explosion vent.
3. The surface of heat generator has gone through the spraying and coating process. The electric actuator realizes the automatic transfer of paint spraying and curing.
4. The maximum temperature reaches 80℃, and the heating rate is 5 to 7min at a temperature range from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The rate of oil consumption is 4 to 6kg per unit.
Illumination System 1. Side of the ceiling: 32pcs 36W Philips tubes
2. Side of the waist: 16pcs 36W Philips lamps
3. Light intensity is more than 1000lux.
4. This system adopts the tempered glass and high temperature line.
Electric Control System 1. This car spray booth comes with an intelligent control system. The whole operation is set to be completed for only once.
2. The main circuit is designed with multi-protection. The entire working process and fault conditions can be automatically displayed.
4. The available functions include the lighting switch, temperature and time settings, room-temperature or constant-temperature paint spraying, paint-curing switch, emergency stop switch, failure alarm, timer, and some others.
5. The electrical equipment conforms to the CE standard.
Exhaust Gas Treatment The activated carbon is utilized to filter waste gas, and the exhaust emissions reach the GB16297-1996 national standard. (in accordance with the integrated emission standard of air pollutants)

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