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Specification of Car Spray Booth

Specifications of BZB-AU Car Spray Booth
Internal Dimension (mm) 6900×4000×2650
External Dimension (mm) 7000×5360×3480
Front Door (mm) 3000×2600 (W×H)
Total Power (kW) 19

Chamber System
1. The wallboard of the paint booth adopts tongue and groove joint. The main door uses EPS panel and other wallboard of the product is composed of rock wool and 0.6mm steel sheet. The thickness of the wallboard is 50mm.
2. Designed with composite structure, the roof panel of the car spray booth is made of galvanized steel plate.
3. The body of the automatic spraying equipment is produced from powder coated steel plate and flame-proof insulation layer.
4. Rectangular aluminum alloy frame window.
5. The basement of the product consists of galvanized steel plate and square steel pipe. It is covered with steel grating and is engineered with 3 pieces of ramps. The size of the ramp is 2000(L)×900(W)mm.
6. Tri-fold glass door with aluminum alloy door frame.
7. Main door and emergency door made of toughened glass.

Air Circulation System
1. The air is supplied through 1 set of 7.5kW single inlet vortex fan installed with Siemens motor. The air supply capacity is up to 25000m3/h.
2. Similar with the inlet fan, the exhaust fan of the car spray booth is engineered with Siemens 7.5kW motor and single outlet. The air exhaust capacity is 25000m3/h.
3. With the air velocity of 0.35m/s, the air circulation ratio is 320 times/hour.
4. The circulation system of the car spray system contains 1 set of pneumatic damper and 2 sets of manual dampers. The hand-operated valves are placed at the intake air and exhaust air duct to control the air flow and adjust the pressure. The pneumatic damper is responsible for controlling the air circulation inside and outside of the industrial spray booth.

Air Purification system
Coming with dual filtering structure, the primary filter of the car spray booth is capable of capturing the granules larger than 10μm. While, the ceiling filter can block the granules bigger than 4μm. The filtering rate reaches 98%, and the TSP is controlled within 4mg/m3.

Heating System
The heating system is constructed with Italy Riello G20 diesel burner with the heating value up to 180000Kcal/h. The pneumatic damper is conducive to the automatic changeover of spraying and curing. The heat exchanger, which is made of SUS304 stainless steel by adopting argon arc welding technology, contains a 150mm explosion-proof vent to achieve high safety. The highest temperature is 80°C, and the heat-up time is 6-8 minutes. Only 6-8kg fuel is consumed by each unit.

Lighting System
Made of toughened glass, the lighting system is provided with durable ballast and high temperature resistant wire. The light intensity reaches up to 1000Lux.

Ceiling light: 8 sets×4pcs=32pcs×18w, LED lamp
Bottom light: 16pcs 18W LED lamp

Controlling System
The control system of the car spray booth is under the control of the microcomputer program. It is constructed with lighting switch, spraying mode switch, curing switch, curing temperature switch, time setting, failure indicator, temperature controller, temperature limit controller, emergency stop, breakdown alarm, and other electrical device conforming to CE standard.

Environmental Protection System
Multi-layer fiberglass filter and active carbon.

Product Display
Drawing of Car Spray Booth
Spare Parts
a) Steel metal front door (with tempered glass view windows)
New style aluminum hinge New door plug Rock wool panel Heat exchanger (SUS304 galvanized steel)
b) Pneumatic Damper
c) Direct drive motor fan
d) Control system

Preferential Treatment
It is vitally important for a company to maintain friendly relationship with distributors and dealers in order to provide considerate after-sales service to its client. Therefore, we particularly offer the following services to the distributors.
1. For each car spray booth, we will deliver 2 pieces of lamp, 2 rectifiers, 10 screws, 3-5 sheets along with the product, extra.
2. For special screw, hanger, light box sheet and some other small accessories easy to lose during installation, our warehouse worker will deliver 1-2 pieces more as the spare part.
3. As to the orders for 3-4 sets of standard car spray booth, JINGZHONGJING will present 1 piece of standard wallboard to our client.
4. 1 set of door sealing strip for 50mm wallboard and 10 pieces of electronic rectifier for the distributors who order more than 6 sets of car painting equipment from us, quarterly.
5. For the distributors who purchase more than 12 sets of industrial spray booth from us within two quarters, we will offer 1 set of front door bolt, 1 programme control box, 5 pieces of hinges, and 5 pieces of handle.
6. 1 set of actuator, 2 sets of door bolts, 10 pieces of hinges, 5 pieces of handle and temperature gauge with inductive probe for customers ordering 20 sets of car spray booth from us within 3 quarters.
7. Particularly, for the orders with the sale price 10% higher than the floor price, we will provide a reel of 1×20m fiberglass free of charge. As to the purchase order for more than 3 sets of thermal paint booth with the profit rate over 10%, we will present 1 set of roof filtering cotton.
8. We will communicate with our distributors with annual purchase amount up to RMB 2 million through Email quarterly to confirm if any support for the quick-wear parts for car spray booth is needed, such as 4kW centrifugal fan, door bolt, and some others.

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