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Wheel Aligner (Model Q7)

1. The Q7 wheel aligner is manufactured with Bluetooth to realize wireless communication.
2. 8-beam infrared image transmission
3. Thanks to the 4 function keys, the operation of the wheel alignment equipment is quite easy.
4. 3D animation guidance makes it easier for the user to grasp the operating skill.
5. Remote control on sensor panel
6. Over 20,000 groups of vehicle data are stored in the software.
7. The wheel aligner comes with an electronic level.
8. Runout compensation function and axle runout measurement are available with this 3D wheel aligning device.
9. Alignment based on thrust line assures accurate wheel alignment.

Technical Parameters of Wheel Aligner
Measuring angle Measurement Accuracy Measurement Range
Toe angle ±2' ±6°
Individual toe angle ±1' ±3°
Camber angle ±2' ±10°
Caster angle ±5' ±18°
Steering axis inclination angle ±5' ±20°
Thrust angle ±2' ±5°

Standard Package
The wheel alignment machine is composed of personal computer, 18.5" LCD monitor, color ink jet printer, keyboard, mouse, 4-point clamp, turnplate, cabinet, steering lock, pedal presser, and shims. An operation manual is available with this wheel aligner.

Optional Items
Toe curve tool; true zero calibration fixture, alignment lift

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